Belfast 2012 Panels

The Group will hold four panels at the PSA Annual Conference, Belfast 2012:

I. Continental philosophy in interpretive political studies
Chair: Anna Durnová
Discussant: James Martin
Session: Session 6 (Wednesday 4 April 2012, 14:00-15:30)
Room: Grand 4
Integrating Institutional and Critical Theories to Advance Public Policy Making
Ajnesh Prasad and Marianna Fotaki
‘What exists in reality’ or the (epistemological) means to an end? Competing conceptions of ontology in political science
Liam Stanley
Problematological constructivism: an alternative foundation for political analysis
Nick Turnbull

II. Narrative Policy Analysis Revisited
Chair: Mathias Delori
Discussant: Anna Durnova
Session: Session 7 (Wednesday 4 April 2012, 16:00-17:30)
Room: Copenhagen 1
Narrating impact assessments in the European Union
Claudio Radaelli and Claire Dunlop
Policy Narratives and Narrative Strategies in Policy Analysis: The Case of Greek Pension Reform (1990-2002)
Eleni Xiarchogiannopoulou
As above, so below: narrative salience and side effects of national innovation systems
Frédéric Claisse and Pierre Delvenne
Understanding public policies as polyphonic narratives
Mathias Delori

III. The Politics of Financial Crises: Crises Narratives in Comparative Perspective
Chair: Robert Jessop
Discussant: Alan Finlayson
Session: Session 10 (Thursday 5 April 2012, 13:30-15:00)
Room: Copenhagen 2
Adjusting Imbalances. Crisis Narratives in the German Financial Press
Amelie Kutter and Robert Jessop
‘Let’s get rid of them all.’ ‘We are fantastic’. Crisis narratives and the politics of financial crisis management in Argentina and Uruguay 2001-2002
Francisco Panizza
Cooling out the Marks: The Ideology and Politics of the Financial Crisis, UK
Jason Glynos and Robin Klimecki
A Cultural Political Economy of the Global Financial Crisis: Representing Crisis in the British Press
Michael Farrelly and Veronika Koller

IV. Interpretive Political Science
Chair: Laura Graham
Session: Session 10 (Thursday 5 April 2012, 13:30-15:00)
Room: Dublin 2
Psycho-Governance, Interpretive Policy and the Application of Nudge Theory in the UK Polity
Mike Marinetto and Rhys Andrews
Alias Smith and James: Towards an intersubjective account of individual agency in IPE
Simon Glaze

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